The Story

Becoming a young man, I went through a phase to phase journey of wonderment, into revelation, ultimately into the proclamation of my belief in God. Despite being raised in a Christian home, I had trouble just believing everything that I was told. I was inquisitive & couldn’t fake that I believed in something that I truly didn’t fully believe in. There was a point in my life where I had to look deep into myself & ask, what do I really believe, & why?

My belief in Jesus as the son of God, & God as the creator of the universe, came as a two part equation. One of the things that played a major role was the simple & logical evidence of creation & purpose that I saw all around me, & could no longer deny. Even the most basic understanding of science shows us that everything in this world is numbered by weight & measure. Even music played a heavy role in this truth for me. What is music if not math & emotions colliding together? There is a beautiful symphony, a masterpiece of meticulous art in every piece of matter, every molecule & every cell. Order is born from intelligence, & accidents DO NOT organize. Explosions don’t create buildings, just as car accidents don’t create better more sophisticated cars. We see the proof of the highest form of intelligent design throughout every single moment in life, in every blink, in every breathe we inhale & exhale. Someone, somewhere cared so much about this tiny planet full of life.

The other major factor that drew me closer to God was simply reading His word & seeing it proven to be true over & over again in my life. Good & Evil exist. This fact is non negotiable. Anyone who says otherwise is far more delusional than any man of faith could ever be. The best way to explain the bible to someone is to just tell them to open it & start reading. The one thing I’ve found to be truer than anything in this world is God’s word. I could write page after page explaining to you how incredibly on point the writers of the New Testament were with the everyday dealings of this life, but it won’t have nearly as much impact as if you would read it yourself.

This album was born from the inspiration that is all around us. In my time here I have heard, & written many songs about Jesus, & His teachings, but never about God, His hand in creation & our purpose. This album is based on Romans 1:20, & paints the picture that the proof of God is literally everywhere we look so that we truly are without excuse. Below are the lyrics to my first single entitled “I Believe”. Thank you for taking this journey with me! May God bless & reveal himself to you!


Verse 1
Back when I was young, I was just a loner sitting on my rooftop staring at the stars /
Wondering if someone up in the sky was staring back at me /
And that’s when I took to the streets with my guitar strings /
Searching for the architect of all these things Ohh /
And curiosity sparked my soul /
Then common sense kicked in, as I looked around at the numbers and the measures and the units /
All the fine tuning needed for life to exist /
In this great big abyss /
And it made me say /

Chorus 2 X
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe in you

Verse 2
Everything I saw, it began to make sense, all the little things that make us who we are /
Now I know that someone’s up in the sky staring back at me /
Now I’m gonna take to the streets with my guitar strings /
singing bout the one who created all things Ohh /
And now I know that He holds my soul /
And now I pray you see, as you look around at the numbers and the measures and the units /
All the fine tuning needed for your life to exist /
In this great big abyss oh /
And oh, I hope it makes you say /

Chorus 2 X
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe in you

Verse 3
Brilliant scientists winning big awards for discovering what’s already there /
Then they label these theories with great big words so that everyone’s confused on how we all got here /
But that’s just one side, many scientists believe in God & they credit that the proof is in the Jello /
Many have been quoted saying physics brings them closer to God, and and in turn takes them further from the devil /
Like the bass & treble, or the notes on a page, everything works within laws that pre-exist /
Even the instruments that the scientists invent and use, wouldn’t be able to work without this /
Think about it /
And that’s enough to make you say /

Chorus 4 X
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe
Ohh, ohh, ohh I believe in you

Romans 1:20